LCC Core Strategy / Our Neighbourhood Plan

We have been advised by LCC that the proposal to build a new village to the east of Bramham, on land owned by Leeds University, may not now go ahead. This leaves a shortfall in LCC’s housing allocation for the Outer North East Leeds Area of some 3000 dwellings which might have been built there over the next 12-15 years. Residents will be aware that. under current LCC proposals no land around Aberford is scheduled to be released from Greenbelt for housing.

From the information gained at the outset of the Neighbourhood Planning process it is evident that  residents value the Greenbelt and see it as an essential element in protecting our “small community” status. To date, LCC have agreed. We will have to wait and see however what (if any) proposals LCC come forward with to replace the housing shortfall before considering a response. There is more than just the number of dwellings to consider though. The village school is currently full (and with a waiting list) and this is one infrastructure issue that can no longer be ignored.

More clarity is required regarding LCC’s strategic intent. We see no reason however to allow piecemeal development on Greenbelt, in the meantime, regardless of any “incentives” offered. In particular, it is important to us that, should LCC make an approach, full consultation take place with parishioners, so that all views and all options are explored.