Village Hall Funding

Viability Renovation

As the hall approaches 100 years of use, demand for space is growing with some users having to be turned away due to the lack of facilities. In addition, urgent action is required to keep the hall safe, viable, flexible and inviting for our community.

A number of development schemes have been proposed within the village that involve a contribution to the hall; however none of the schemes are well advanced and are unlikely to make any contribution within the next couple of years.

The income generated by the users of the hall is currently sufficient to pay for the basic upkeep (utilities, cleaning, minor maintenance). However it is not adequate to fund some of the more fundamental remediation work required. Indeed a grant was required to fund the recent, vital, upgrade of the toilet facilities.

Following advice, four packages of work have been identified as the immediate priority:
1. External Remedial Work
2. Main Hall
3. Green Rooms
4. Additional Space for Hire

The external work is the priority – for example leaks due to a lack of pointing and poorly maintained guttering has resulted in numerous problems within the building.


As a ballpark figure we would expect each package of work to cost in the region of £10-£15,000. Thus we believe we require in the order of £50-60,000 in total.

We are asking the Parish Council to fund the key external remedial work. Whilst we procure formal quotes we would hope that the Parish Council can provide an in-principle decision for approximately £15,000 of funding during October. This will ensure that the hall can continue to be safely utilised, with the internal improvements to follow.

The Hall Management Committee will then attempt to secure grants from other sources to fund the three additional packages of work.

Note that wherever possible we intend to obtain a quote for each package in entirety (apart from the main hall). This will significantly reduce the time required to manage the refurbishment.

If any one from our community would like to volunteer to manage one of these packages as a discrete project then we would be extremely grateful.

Any other offers of one off or ongoing expertise, skills, funding, or quoting for work would also be received with gratitude.