Supporters of Aberford Village Hall

Would you like to support our Village Hall? But don’t want to commit yourself to attending a monthly meeting? Then why not become a Supporter of Aberford Village Hall?
The Supporters will be a group of people willing to provide advice or help, on an ad hoc basis, as and when their skills, knowledge, and time allow.
As a Supporter you will receive more frequent email updates on our plans for the hall, together with a summary of activities to which you may be able to contribute advice, expertise and/or time.
There will be no obligation (and no monthly meetings!), nevertheless it is anticipated that this group will provide great help in ensuring that one of our few community assets continues to play a key role in our village.
If you are willing to become a Supporter please email Let us know if you have any particular ways you may be able to help, e.g. building expertise, building maintenance, painting, building a website, helping with grant applications, marketing, fund raising, general help, etc., etc.
You can also discuss with any committee member (listed on the Parish Council website), or call David Gluck (0113 281 2522) or Stewart Sims (0113 393 5043).
Many thanks in advance for your support.