Village Hall Update

The fantastic news is that the Parish Council have agreed to make a grant available to enable some of the urgent maintenance tasks to be undertaken. As detailed in our October update we will now be able to address key concerns including the roof, external walls, doors, and kitchen windows. This essential work will enable the building to remain open.
We have also received a grant from The George A Moore Foundation which together with the grant from the Parish Council will enable us to replace the boiler and perform vital upgrades to the gas pipes and heating system. We are grateful for the support of the Parish Council and The George A Moore Foundation.
We aim to commence the projects in early 2016.
What is next?
Our next goal will be to tackle the floor of the main hall. We regularly receive feedback that this needs addressing, and will be considering options and funding possibilities over the next couple of months.
Longer term redevelopment
The income generated by the users of the hall is sufficient to pay for the basic upkeep of the hall (utilities, cleaning, minor maintenance); however is not adequate to fund some of the more fundamental remediation work required.
A number of development schemes have been proposed within the village that involve a contribution to the hall.  However none of the schemes are well advanced, may not obtain planning permission (primarily due to the developments being in the green belt) and so are unlikely to make any contribution in the medium/long term.
The hall is increasingly busy and at times we are having to turn away bookings. This is frustrating as the hall has two areas (behind the stage, under the stage) that could be bought into use if we had the funds to bring them up to an acceptable standard.
We would value input from members of the local community.
Supporters of the Village Hall
We have a launched a scheme called “Supporters of the Village Hall”. Our aim is to provide a simple way for people to be able to provide ad hoc advice, time and/or expertise to support the hall. Further details are on the Parish Council Website or please email Please consider joining!


Aberford Village Hall
December 2015