It’s a plan – you can get involved!

Councillor Keith Dunwell, a member of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Management Group comments as follows:

Over the past few years communities throughout the Country have been involved in  Neighbourhood Development Planning for their respective areas.  Aberford’s planning group (an extension of the Parish Council itself) was initially put together by Parish Councillors, who managed to fire the enthusiasm of a number of local residents, during 2012 and continues to this day – although with a drastically reduced membership.

The present day Group is made up of Parish Councillors, members of the local community, others with a lasting affinity to the area and a paid consultant (sponsored through grant funding).

Considerable progress was being made last year until our valued Consultant, Mike Dando, became unwell and had to leave us.  A replacement for Mike is currently being sought to guide us through to a satisfactory completion of the Plan.

The Group meets locally on the first Thursday of each month and more members are needed to help with the upcoming final stage of ‘The Plan’.  You are very welcome to join us – please get in touch for more details.