Vote for Nellie’s Tree as Woodland Trust’s Tree Of The Year 2018

Nellie’s Tree on Parlington Estate has been shortlisted for the Woodland Trust’s English Tree of the Year 2018.

It only takes a minute to register your vote but the deadline for doing this is 9am on 08.10.18.

Here’s the romantic story of the tree’s history:

“Nearly 100 years ago, Vic Stead would walk from his home in Garforth along the old colliery railway to visit Nellie, the young lady he was courting who lived in the nearby village of Aberford.

One day, he came across three beech saplings on his route, and grafted one sapling between the other two to form the letter N, for Nellie. Vic and Nellie would go on to marry and have a family, and although they are both gone now, Nellie’s Tree, also known as the ‘Love Tree’ by locals, still remains.”

Click here to be redirected to the Woodland Trust’s shortlisted trees and scroll down to Nellie’s Tree to register your vote.

* Nellie’s tree photo: Rob Grange/WTML, as used on the Woodland Trust website *