Wide Loads coming through Aberford – UPDATED 25.03.19

Wide loads will be coming through the village during weeks commencing 25th March and 1st April 2019.  The Police will be escorting the vehicles through the village and to help ensure the whole process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible, residents of Bunkers Hill and Main Street are asked to park on the east side of the carriageway between 8pm and 10pm on these days.

**** UPDATED 25.03.19 ****

Due to strong winds over the weekend, port authorities delayed the shipments meaning they are still en route to the UK. The loads have been put back a few days and will now be coming through Aberford on the dates below:
  • Monday 25th March
  • Tuesday 26th March
  • Wednesday 27th March
  • Thursday 28th March
  • Monday 1st April
  • Tuesday 2nd April
  • Wednesday 3rd April
  • Thursday 4th April

To view the information leaflet issued by Heineken please click here. Please note this poster contains the original dates the loads were expected to travel but all other information, including contact information for queries,  is accurate.

This information has been provided by Heineken.