COVID-19: Outer North East Neighbourhood Network

The parish council has been advised by the Harewood Ward Councillors of a volunteer network that has been established, to help those who are vulnerable and in need of assistance during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help is asked to visit the special Doing Good Leeds website, where you can sign up as a Community Care Volunteer. Two tiers of volunteers have been identified, and both should sign up through the Doing Good Leeds website.
Tier 1: DBS-checked assistance
Volunteers who have a current DBS and would be willing to volunteer to carry out non-personal care tasks to assist people with care and support needs. Such tasks might include: shopping, collecting prescriptions, preparing a meal, assistance with laundry, just checking/ reassurance by visit or phone call, sitting with someone for a while. This list is not exhaustive. Volunteers will be supported with training where appropriate and will be issued with an identification badge.
Tier 2Neighbourly assistance
People looking out for their neighbours who may be in some way or another vulnerable but not in receipt of formal care whether self-funded or state supported. This might be about supporting people who choose to self-isolate. It will also include the deployment of volunteer community leaders to support community cohesion related activities.
To view the LCC poster about the scheme, please click here. Please feel free to share this poster in the community in order to raise awareness of the Doing Good Leeds website.
If you have any elderly or vulnerable neighbours, please do check in on them if possible to see if they need any assistance, thank you.
This information was received from Cllr Ryan Stephenson, Cllr Matthew Robinson, and Cllr Sam Firth.