Shopping for Vulnerable People – New Secure Payment Method

The Parish Council has been informed of a new secure payment system that can be used by volunteers going shopping for vulnerable people. Please see the information below from Leeds City Council:

“Asda and Morrisons have both launched schemes that help vulnerable people who are self-isolating. As we understand it, these are cashless Volunteer Shopping Cards, ideal for those who are self-isolating, the card provides a contactless, safe and secure way to allow family/friends/volunteers to shop on their behalf and means no bank or credit card details are exchanged with the volunteer and removes any risk of handling cash. The card can be bought easily online and then emailed to the volunteer or printed out and left in a safe place for the volunteer to collect.  The volunteer uses the card in-store (by simply scanning the barcode) and can return the shopping in a safe place for the recipient.  Any change due is left on the card for future use and can be ‘topped-up’ if necessary.”

To be re-directed to the Asda webpage for the service, click here.

To be re-directed to the Morrisons webpage for the service, click here, or call 0333 335 0398.