The Parish Council have been advised by Leeds City Council that brown bin collections will recommence w/c 22nd March.   Confirmation of actual collection dates for the Aberford & District Parish Council postcodes will be available on the LCC website shortly.

The full text of the message is shown below;

“As previously communicated, we had hoped to restart this year’s collections on the 8th March. But the recent expansion of the CEV cohort and the continued additional black bin waste being produced by lockdown 3, has meant a reduction in our confidence of being sure we keep to the scheduled black and green collections if we started collecting brown bins too within the next couple of weeks. Throughout winter and the current lockdown the gardens crews have been providing vital backup resource for the black and green bins.

However, the situation is improving and our current staffing forecasts give us sufficient confidence to go ahead and communicate with residents about the service restarting on the 22nd, and that will mean everyone will have a collection scheduled before the Easter weekend. The bin app and website will be amended to reflect this over the next few days.

Whilst we remain in Covid restricted/affected times our overall message will remain that we will prioritise black, green, brown bins in that order whenever there are issues that mean we can’t complete rounds. So, as in 2020, we won’t be recovering brown bin misses if we don’t have the backups to do so.  The public message will be the same – to leave brown bins out up to 2 days and then if not collected to take them back in.

In recognition that we have had to start the collections a little later in March than normal, we will plan to carry on the brown bin collections for a couple of weeks longer at the end of the season. “