Leeds Festival 2021 – Update 19th June

Applications for the Aberford Parish Council allocation of Leeds Fest tickets for 2021 have now closed, any further applications received will not be considered.

As applicants will be aware from the previous update, we were hoping to arrange for a draw to take place shortly after the 21st June lockdown release, however as this has been delayed for up to 4 weeks we are now looking at a date after 19th July.  We will by then be getting near the festival date so we intend to hold a draw in some form on Thursday 22nd July, commencing at 6.30pm.  To make best use of the inside and outside space this will be held in or in the vicinity of the Aberford Bowling club, at the bottom of Parlington Drive, just off Cattle Lane.

Irrespective of whether the lockdown easing takes place on 19th July the Parish Council is mindful of the need to do everything possible to maintain public safety at this time.  Therefore to control numbers we would request that only one person per application attends the draw and that no other members of the public are in attendance.  Once arrangements for the draw have been finalised all applicants will be contacted individually by email to confirm details and the requirements for ID and payment from successful applicants.