Leeds Festival 2021 – Traffic Plans

Residents will be aware that, as in previous years, a number of road closures and other restrictions will be in place for the duration of the Leeds Festival, this applies from Wednesday 25th August to Monday 30th August.  Closures and a one way system will apply on sections of the A1 and A64 at various stages during the above period, full details and other information about the event can be found at https://www.leedsfestival.com/local-residents.

The Parish Clerk attended a meeting on the plans yesterday and, so far as Aberford village is concerned, the specific impacts will be as follows;

The signage in the village is in place to deter Festival attendees and in addition Festival Republic will provide stewarding at both ends of the village to stop Festival traffic. However, I am advised that Aberford residents will be able to enter and leave Main Street at both ends in the normal way and there is no need to carry address verification, although this might be a sensible precaution.  The 173 and 174 buses will be allowed through the village.

The traffic plan this year is concentrated around two key A1 routes for Southbound and Northbound traffic respectively.  This, together with other traffic flow changes, is expected to alleviate the problems experienced in Aberford in previous years, particularly at peak arrival and departure times.  Festival Republic have plans in place to monitor the key pressure points and take action to address any issues which might arise.