Please see below a message from Ward Councillor Matthew Robinson in relation to the above. He has separately asked for more information as to why the cameras have been installed but it should provide good data to assist with the development of road safety improvements in the vicinity of Aberford School.
“If you’ve seen a few cameras go up in and around our area it’s likely related to this notice Cllrs received on Friday.
Please see the below list detailing locations of Automatic Traffic and Pedestrian Count video surveys being undertaken by Tracsis on behalf of LCC as part of the Leeds Traffic and Active Mode Monitoring Programme.
Linton Road Wetherby
Bridge Foot Boston Spa
Wetherby Road Bramham
A58 Wetherby Road East Rigton
Main Street Aberford
White Laithe Road Whinmoor
Main Street Shadwell
Stanks Drive Whinmoor
Survey Date & Time : Cameras Installed – Sunday 9th January 2022
Cameras Removed – Sunday 16th January 2022″