East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR)

The new East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR) will be fully open in time for Leeds festival goers to use ahead of the 26 August 2022, subject to completed road safety checks.

ELOR is a two-lane dual carriageway 7km in length, connecting the A6120 (Outer Ring Road Shadwell) in the north to Manston Lane in the south where it connects to the Manston Lane Link Road (MLLR) which is delivered as part of the Thorpe Park development. When it opens, ELOR will become a new section of the Leeds outer ring road.

The dual carriageway includes five new roundabouts at the A6120, A58, Skelton’s Lane, the A64 and Barwick Road. The A64, often an area of vast congestion during the festival weekend will benefit from the new dual carriageway increasing the road capacity for people arriving at the festival by car or coach.

It’s opening will also ease congestion in existing residential areas across Cross Gates, Seacroft, Whitkirk which are often heavily affected by the traffic entering the Leeds festival site in Bramham park.

A confirmed opening date in August will be announced nearer the time. For regular project updates visit: the ELOR website.

The remaining works on the project include landscaping, that has seasonal planting restrictions and will continue until the contractual completion date in December 2022. Some isolated traffic management may be necessary to facilitate this work but this will be limited to off peak and night time only.