The Council has set aside funds in the current (2016-2017) financial year so that voluntary organisations who have a project that will be of benefit to the Community can apply for support.

Suitable applications are always welcome and Councillors are willing to offer informal advice and guidance as required.

Read details of the scheme, download an application or use our online form below:

Read the Community Grants Policy

Rules for Allocation of Community Grants to Local Voluntary Organisations & Groups.

  1. Applications must be made in writing and sent to the Clerk (an application form is appended)
    although Councillors will be happy to offer informal advice, without commitment, if requested.
  2. The project must be based within the Parish Area & considered by Councillors to be of overall benefit to the village and residents, and/or a significant part thereof.
  3. The purpose of the grant should not contravene Council Policy guidelines in areas of equality (i.e. no discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion etc.)
  4. The organisation making the application should be a non-profit making voluntary organisation where membership is open (i.e. no discrimination of membership on grounds of sex, race, religion etc.)
  5. Grants cannot be used to fund religious or political activities.
  6. The maximum amount that can normally be applied for is £1000, but this is subject to the discretion of the Council.
  7. Applicants are asked to provide a statement about the objective of the project, the benefits it is envisaged the project would bring to the Community, and any other information they feel relevant.
  8. Applicants will be asked if funding has been obtained from other sources. This will not prejudice the application; indeed projects in receipt of other (matching) funding will be welcomed.
  9. Applicants are asked to consider whether there are any ongoing maintenance costs &, if so, advise the Council how these are to be met.
  10. The Council reserves the right to return to the applicant for additional information and/or clarification where deemed appropriate.
  11. Where funds are used to purchase equipment the Council reserves the right to reclaim this equipment should the project terminate within 5 years of commencement (normally determined by the drawdown date of the funds).
  12. Decisions on applications will normally be taken by the Council in monthly meeting, the applicants advised in writing and the decision minuted. The Council decision on each application is final.
  13. Successful applicants may be asked to supply a statement to the Council within 12 months (or sooner if the Council feels it appropriate) of how the money has been used and its perceived benefit to the Community.
  14. This formal process may be waived for small grants up to £250 at the discretion of the Council.

June 2009