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Freedom of Information

A requirement of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 is that all public bodies should have a “Publication Scheme” so that specific information can be made available to, and be accessed by, members of the public.

The Parish Council have adopted the “Model Scheme”, as recommended by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

For details of information available under the scheme, please follow the link below to download the appropriate document.

The nature of the work undertaken by the Parish Council is such that many of the areas included within the “Model Scheme” are not applicable. Information on the majority of the Council’s activities, and consequently of most interest to the public, is available through this site, primarily through the monthly meeting minutes and financial summaries.

If additional information is required the first point of contact is the Clerk. Information will usually be provided without charge but where requests are received which might involve multiple paper copies (say above 5 sheets) then the Council reserves the right to levy a fee of 10p per sheet.


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