This page has been extended as a courtesy to the Village Hall Committee by the Parish Council. As such, the Parish Council is not responsible for content. We trust that residents will, however, find this page interesting, and we will try to ensure that it is updated regularly.

News and Updates

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Village Hall Information

One-off, or regular, bookings of the hall can be made by calling: TBA

 Current booking charges are £20 per hour

Aberford Village Hall was gifted to the village by the Gascoigne family in 1928. The hall has since operated with two types of trustee, management and charitable. The management trustees are volunteers who operate the hall on a day-to-day basis for the benefit of local residents. The three charitable trustees oversee the management trustees.

To address a frequently asked question, the Parish Council and the Village Hall are completely independent of each other. However the Village Hall have invited the Parish Council to nominate a management trustee to ensure close and open links between the two organisations.

Meetings and Updates

An Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually held in October, is advertised inviting all residents to attend. The AGM is an open meeting, providing updates on the previous year, and plans for the next year, alongside a financial update. The AGM also provides an open forum for questions and discussions. Critically the management trustees are appointed each year via an open vote at the AGM. Once appointed, the key positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer & Secretary) are appointed at the first management meeting.

The management trustees meet throughout the year. The meetings are minuted; however as the minutes often contain confidential information relating to our customers, the minutes are not publically available. The trustees usually meet in the Arabian Horse, typically (but not always) on the 4th Tuesday of a month. Although the meetings are “closed”, the trustees are happy to be approached with questions, queries, observations etc. Updates are periodically provided on the noticeboards inside and outside the hall, and on the noticeboard on Pump Hill.

Queries can be also be directed to


The Village Hall does not receive any payments from public or private bodies, other than any grants we may apply for. Therefore operating costs are covered by charging a fee to hall users. The trustees are all volunteers and are not paid for managing the hall. We do employ a professional cleaner – a change that was greeted with a very positive response from hall users.

The Charitable Trustees

  • Pierre Bouvet
  • Sarah Fawcett
  • Harry Fisher

The Management Trustees

  • David Gluck (Chair)
  • Chris Taylor
  • Diane Spencer (Treasurer)
  • Carole Barker
  • Mark Bradley

Any questions can be directed to these individuals, or to

The Venue

To hire the Village Hall it costs £20 per hour. This includes amenities such as: kitchen, toilets and parking. Accessibility details

  • Ramp or Level Access – yes
  • Lift or no stairs – yes
  • Accessible WC – yes
  • Information available in large print – no
  • Disabled parking – no
  • Crèche – no
  • Induction loop – no

Get in touch

For further information on events or interest in hiring the Village Hall please contact us using the information below.  Terms and conditions can be found here


One off  or regular bookings of the hall can be made by calling: TBA



Aberford Village Hall, Main Street South, Aberford LS25 3DA